Bembridge Art Glass

Handmade Art Glass on the Isle of Wight

Bembridge Coast Hotel

Currently we have a range of jewellery located in the shop at Bembridge Coast Hotel

Previously we have exhibited and demonstrated every Saturday morning (for the past 10 years). We exhibited a collection of our craft in the main reception of the hotel, here we displayed various Jewellery, Stained Glass, Beads, and other crafts.

Throughout the morning we demonstrated Stained Glass cutting, my husband or myself demonstrated how our Stained Glass Art Craft is cut and created, all with in-depth explanations.

We are sad to say that we no longer demonstrate our glass art at Bembridge Coast Hotel, however a small collection of our glass is now displayed in their shop.

If you are staying at Bembridge Coast Hotel, we encourage you to walk down Lane End Road and come and visit us when we open our Studio.